American in early 30ís. I donít remember stuttering as a kid, but I definitely remember being in speech therapy starting in preschool Ė so I probably did. A lot of people say they grow out of stuttering, or they had a friend/sibling/cousin who did. I always hoped it would be something I grew out of, but I havenít. I donít know why but my speech has gotten worse recently, talking on the phone went from challenging to embarrassing (@ work).

Iím just really frustrated and want to reach out to other people who deal with the same thing (as adults). The last time I met another stutterer it was in a hostel while traveling. We instantly hit it off, and it felt good to connect with someone else who deals with the same stuff. I feel like I'm alone even though I live around other people. I have thoughts and words in my head but they do not come out, I know when speaking Iím about to stutter so Iíll either change what I originally wanted to say or just stammer and the whole thing is muddled.

I am engaged to a wonder woman, but when picking the wedding program I went with the option that required the least speaking on my part. It felt like loosing a battle. Anyways, itís not all doom and gloom, but I just wanted to reach out and relate my experiences with others. Feel free to PM me or whatever.