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Thread: LTSpice: how to model temperature ?

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    Smile LTSpice: how to model temperature ?

    hi everyone,

    I'm not talking about how to set the global variable TEMP to model the circuit behaviour over temperature - done that.

    The issue is that some components get hot (e.g. power devices) and will be mounted on heat sinks. Other devices are not mounted on the heat sink and will be at a different ambient.

    Now, consider an amplifier design where a power BJT is on a heat sink at one temperature and another BJT setting the bias current for the power device and it is on a separate heat sink at a different temperature. [Don't worry about whether this is good design practice, I have a very good reason for these devices being at different temperatures.]

    In order to model this I have to set different temperatures for two devices, which I can't figure out how to do.

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    This is the wrong forum for your type of questions.

    Someone might know the answer, but the probability is slim.

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