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    When I was a teenager I visited a joke site often, with funny memes and joke categories. It also have live phone pranks, where you chose a prank and someone from the site called someone of your choosing and pranked them while you could listen in. There were a few categories, like an angry delivery man sent to the wrong place etc. One of these was a stutter "prank", which involved the site calling someone, and stuttering very badly to see how long it took for the other person to "get fed up" and hang up. I was really bruised by this and hated the thought that there could have been people who took advantage of this prank and my condition was made such a joke. I was only in my mid-teens at the time and was convinced if I got in touch I'd be ignored or laughed off, so got in touch with the site posing as a concerned parent.

    I informed the site that "my son" had found the prank and had come to me upset, and told them he knew the prank was only supposed to be funny to the people setting up the prank, but couldn't understand why his condition was being made a public mockery of, and that the people setting this prank up clearly knew nothing of what it was to live with a condition that can be highly socially crippling, and asked how they perhaps would cope if their children or someone close to them had a stutter and were the victims of these jokes.

    I received no reply from anyone running the site, but found a couple of days later the stuttering prank had been removed.

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    Hi Stacey,
    I'm from the England as well and I noticed the same adverts in the back of magazines. I certainly haven't seen anything like it for a very long time.
    So well done in your victory
    I think the world has come along way in what it thinks of stammering, and that's by people standing up and saying this is me and this is who I am.

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