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Thread: I think I found "the cure"

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    Default I think I found "the cure"

    It's been a long time since my last visit here... A lot has changed for me. I'm convinced that the way to deal with stutter is not to try to deal with it. I've spent a long time trying to master this art and I think I'm on a very good way! I still stutter, much less than I used to though. The main thing is, that is doesn't really disturb me. I don't feel the shame anymore and the feeling of wanting to dig myself somewhere deep in Earth where noone could find me when I couldn't say a word is gone!
    I study physics - many people here are "special" in their own way, many have different speech impediments and the most important thing is, that people around you don't mind when you stutter - what's important to them is the message you want to communicate.
    So altogether I'm surrounded with people who accept me with my stutter and I when others don't have problem with my speech, why should I? (well, the thing is that when others have problems with your speech you shouldn't anyway. Thus you'll find people who will accept you and are willing to listen to you in spite of your stutter)
    When you're comfortable with your speech, you don't really need to make it better anymore! The fact, that you'll be more fluent because you won't so stressed is basically just a side effect...

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    I too have found success that way.
    Change your mental picture and the stutter seems to go away!

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    That can not be labeled as a cure. It's mere a technique that you're using not to focus that much on how your speech will come across others.

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