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Thread: Completely Fluent 2.

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    Matt lies because he lies. His ego makes him do that. Rodge knows the truth of it.
    If you prefer to believe I stutter, then go ahead and believe that.
    The very idea that you may think what you think, blows my mind.
    That alone is more than reason enough, for me to cease caring about anybody else's fluency.

    Have I cured anyone else? No.
    Nobody ever cures anybody else.
    You can only cure yourself.
    I supply the guidance so others may cure themselves.
    I know exactly what it takes.
    And what that gets me, is what that gets me.
    Which is why I will never post essays and articles again.
    Although I may answer questions, if people care to ask them.

    It is claimed that I am negative. And that's beyond idiotic.
    Especially when negativity is the standard norm, around stuttering forums.
    My claim is that anyone who stutters can cure themselves.
    Because I know that this is true.
    That's negative?

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    I believe that anyone can become more fluent, I just don't believe in a "cure". I stutter a lot less than I used to but still stutter in certain situations.

    And Crow, you can post your views and insights in as many stanzas as you want but throughout this thread you are constantly patronizing the admins and the forum. I don't plan on banning you like you keep stating publicly... why would you do that anyways? I lifted your ban so you can add your views on stuttering to the community so please be a little more respectful. Right now this thread is being locked so you can keep your posts.
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