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Thread: Any Sherlock Holmes fans out there?

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    Default Any Sherlock Holmes fans out there?

    Hey All,

    I was just wondering if there were any Sherlock Holmes fans (books or previous dramatisations) who could give me their opinion on the guy who played 'Jim' Moriarty in the TV show Sherlock? To declare my interest I'm a massive Sherlock Holmes fan, particularly of the 80's ITV adaptation starring Jeremy Brett. I wouldn't consider myself a purist though, for example I love the recent Guy Ritchie films. However I really really hate Sherlock's take on the character of Moriarty. What makes him such a complex character is that he is a very intelligent professor of Mathematics (who wrote a book on Asteroids so complex that no-one can understand it) yet also a ruthless criminal. I just thought that the new TV adaptation portrayed him as an insane psychopath. I'd be really grateful for anyone's opinion!

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    I was never a super fan of Sherlock Holmes before the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. <3 Now I await season 3 with baited breath~!
    Anyway, Moriarty from THAT specific show was annoying, even though EVERYONE else seemed to adore him and his psychopath-ness. I don't even really know what his character is like in the original books, but he drove me up the wall in the show. He was always one step ahead of Sherlock, and usually Sherlock is 10 steps ahead of everyone. So frustrating.

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    I couldn't agree more lol, I wish they would bring it back. Did you hear that stargate universe got canceled?
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