First hi
I'm suffering from shame and fear, with shame and fear of everything such as participation, all alike near me or strange about me, and I dont like crowded places because I have a felt tension, confusion, and the feeling associated with fear sensation increased heart palpitations, And trembling hands, especially when there is one over my head, i feel strees when i speak and reddens my face, and I can not see the eyes of others when you talk to them for a long time with my feelings that this thing, few in the literature but I do not appreciate that I do something about it, I feel that I am cowardly and I Failed with time, all I want to return my soul means that he get rid of as soon as possible so I feel comfortable, sometimes I feel parasite when I go to join the modern people and sometimes I feel that others Pity on when seeing me alone now I suffer from being in college (mixed) One way or another, sometimes I can take it and sometimes do not appreciate it, I feel like I was crazy for talking to the many myself.
Recent thinking has become a request for assistance, but I worry that could be interpreted to speak