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Thread: Online Video Chat Just for Us

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    Default Online Video Chat Just for Us

    First I stutter. And it's been since I was six. With Technology these days, I started to think about online video chat to desensitize or lessen the fear of talking. A week ago I looked into (stay away from the site). There are lots of sites out there like Skype,, etc.. The sad truth is most of the video sites are also filled with "trash." May not have been intended by the creator.

    I started to think if creating a video site like but for stutters would be helpful? Of course the challenge is keeping it open to everyone but without the dirty stuff. Any feedback would be great.

    Any comments? Before I decide to jump into this software, I need to get a vote or comment from 100 folks to see whether this initiative would helpful or not


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    i would find it very helpful!

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    Default great idea

    i think this is a wonderful idea, i know I'm a little late, but i would still love to see this done.

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    nicholas26 I think this would be a great idea. I will totally join it if you decided to open/develop this software. I think you should have the option of either voice chat or video chat because not everyone likes to use a video chat. I know I hate using a webcam.

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    Isn't this why we have Skype?...

    You can Voice or Video chat on Skype and have group calls...

    Or maybe Google+ (not tried yet)

    I just don't see the point in developing this software when there is no problem at all with Skype. I've had many group calls (inc Video) with only stutterers on Skype.

    How would it be different?...

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    Yea it is very similar to Skype, I guess one of the difference could be the availability. If it is a site, it would be available 24 hours & people don't have to add each other. Just sign in and video/voice chat with others. This way you would be connected with a large community. One down thing in Skype is that a lot of the times when I'm available non of my contacts are available

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    This is not exactly the same, but a friend of mine created a site which uses Google+ to host fairly frequent video chat sessions with large groups of stutterers. Anyone can actually schedule a video chat and it gets posted on the calendar. Check it out at [url][/url].

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    I am a co-founder of Stutter Social [url][/url] We are hosting at least three scheduled group video chat sessions on Google+ every week. The website has a calendar, provides links to join the Hangouts (when they're happening), and info about the chat hosts. We'd love to have anyone here come and join us!

    Just an fyi: is no longer active so please change your bookmarks to just use [url][/url]

    Hope to see and talk to you all soon,
    David Resnick

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    Sounds like a great idea guys. Need to register for Google Plus.

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    Default Skype

    Skype is really helpful, no matter where you are, now with the help of this technology you can see other while conversation. This software is spreading like will be used in routine.
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