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  1. Speech Recently
  2. Damn you Cannabis!
  3. StudentTeaching/ Life After College
  4. Job interviews and Stuttering
  5. Close and Open Minded
  6. SF Message
  7. Ugh
  8. Bad days...
  9. Having to REPEAT myself!
  10. I just want to scream!
  11. People who kitchen sink you with Stuttering
  12. Talking to women in clubs when you stammer...
  13. wtf is all i got to say
  14. Other people finishing your sentances
  15. You can talk right but>>>>>>>>
  16. i cant win this,,im done
  17. Not sure if this bad or good...
  18. Presentations
  19. Poster - Freedom of Speech?
  20. ABC just said C-C-C-Colin Firth coming up
  21. Off Days
  22. I feel completely awful.
  23. Does the world really suck that much?
  24. Emotional Day
  25. Relationship issues (uggh)
  26. Is it worth it?
  27. :(
  28. Gah!! So annoying!
  29. wrong career?
  30. Need help, just say something...
  31. Fear of presentations making stuttering much worse.
  32. Presentation
  33. Change in stuttering severity
  34. dissapointed with so called "friends."
  35. I hate it
  36. Lately my stuttering has been really bad ugh!
  37. OK, so this pisses me off
  38. I was really embarrassed today
  39. I need encouragement
  40. Taking advice from non-stutterers
  41. Do you ever feel that stuttering makes you feel weak or appear unconfident?
  42. Another bad experience
  43. friends and family dont understand
  44. Being a Covert does not mean it doesn't exist
  45. Moderate Stuttering along with depression tied into it...how to deal with?
  46. Problems at work
  47. Ever have people distance themselves from you because of stuttering?
  48. University and stuttering
  49. It's not all that I am
  50. Where are Hydrothermal Vents Located?
  51. From mild to severe...........
  52. Wrong Number
  53. Just watched a TV show where someone stuttered
  54. You know I stutter, why be a douche about it?
  55. Speaking situations
  56. Laughed at in the store
  57. If I could change one thing its my damn stammer
  58. Will have to do a speach on monday...
  59. My Story..
  60. I'm tired of shallow females
  61. My results of not coping well